Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Announcing two new colorways!

Exciting news! We have two new colorways available for purchase at our shop. Read on for pictures and links!

Both of our new colorways are water-inspired. This will shock those who know me well. I am an avowed water-hater. I'm terrified of anything deeper than a bathtub. (I do keep clean, thankyouverymuch). But, despite my hatred for actually being in the wet grasp of any body of water, I find the colors you can see in water if you look absolutely enchanting.

The first new colorway is called The Shallows, available now on beautiful baby alpaca yarn. This one is inspired by lake edges, with the seaweed and the rock bottom still clearly visible through the water, with just a shading of darker blue where there's probably a dropoff. I'm very pleased with the green -- it reminds me very much of the seaweed I used to get my feet tangled in. (How can you not think that's terrifying, honestly?? See, I used two question marks, that's how serious I am!)

I've tried to capture the nature of the colorway best by showing three different views of the skeins. I'm so fond of this one, I'm rather tempted to keep it for myself! You can see more information or purchase The Shallows here.

Our second new colorway was meant to be space-related, not water-related at all. I was going to do pretty swirls of deep purple and black and just shimmers of other colors, and call it Deep Space. (I still think that'd be a lovely one. You may see that colorway sometime.) But the minute the beautiful hank of silk I had planned to dye in this colorway hit the dyepot, I just couldn't imagine putting any black on that beauty. Silk drinks in dye so greedily and the colors that come out are so, so vibrant -- black would have been wasting a gorgeous canvas. So we get the colorway Far Below instead.

On our 100% wool fingering weight yarn:Even after I had dyed these skeins in the gorgeous purples and blues that the silk required, it wasn't quite right. Something was missing. It all looked so cold and lifeless -- perfect for space, but not for the ocean! I added a little warmer purple, for the flash of coral and fish's fins, and it was perfect.

You can find Far Below on silk here, and on wool here.

My fiance and I are attending a wedding out-of-state this weekend, so I probably won't be able to dye any yarn for two or three days, but keep an eye out here in case I can sneak a quick entry!


  1. I loooove The Shallows! Such pretty colours; I think I shall wade in them.

    Yeah, sorry, just me. So... what do I have to do in order to colourway-name-suggesting privileges?